Packaging and label design for all types of products

Consumers today pay a lot of attention and care for selecting a product. At KICKASS PACKAGING, we deliver value to any packaging and label design engagement with our tremendous experience and domain insights.

Whatever be your product or segment, you can be sure to expect a kickass solution!

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Brand Impact

At KICKASS PACKAGING, we think of packaging design as an opportunity that must leverage the potential of the brand to connect with its customers at every touch point. The design must convey the brand promise and create the right, delightful perceptions in the minds of customers - every time!

Custom Design

Every brand, every product, has a unique value proposition and functional requirement. There's no one-design-fits-all even in the same product category. At KICKASS PACKAGING, we provide customised creative packaging design solutions that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and reduce wastage.


Whether you are in the B2B space or B2C, whether you are in manufacturing, FMCG, retail, agro, F&B or even the services sector, KICKASS PACKAGING can help you at every stage. Right from concept to design mockups, from prototype to logistics-related solutions, we are your one-stop design destination.

Kickass Packaging: Meaningful and Iconic

Visual appeal that engages with customers and builds brand impact

Creative packaging design agency in Chennai


Our designs are sure to capture visual attention with our focus on texture, colour, shape, and imagery. Key elements and messages in our designs stand out from the clutter of competitors. Kickass Packaging is also experienced in creating packaging for consumers in non-metro/rural areas. View Portfolio ⤑


At Kickass Packaging, we consciously create packaging designs that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable as much as possible. We keep the concept of packaging optimisation at the forefront of the design process. View Portfolio ⤑

Sustainable packaging design
Innovative packaging design solutions


Every packaging design assignment presents unique constraints and challenges. It's our design ingenuity that helps bring new perspectives to the pack design and layout. The pack should be able to let the brand uniquely display the product either through colour, size, shape or logo. View Portfolio ⤑

Design Range

KICKASS PACKAGING offers a wide range of custom design solutions including brand identity, graphic design, shape/format design, packaging mockups, material recommendations, artworks and detailed production drawings. We serve consumer retail as well as industrial segments across virtually every product category and market segment. View Portfolio ⤑

We also bring in the best of creative design, marketing and advertising solutions from our parent - KICKASS DESIGN across branding, digital, print, web and multimedia. We also provide digital marketing solutions through our division - KICKASS DIGITAL.